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We are having a SUMMER 2023 SALE of in stock items.  Here is the list of designs we have in stock.  Limited quantities...call us or email us at the info below.  Hurry !!!! 

English designs:   (5)Jumper; (4)Tack Room; (1) Fox Hunt;  (1) Jack Russell

Western Tapestry designs:  (3) Paints of the Plains;(1) Rodeo; (1) Struttin (rooster); (1) Wild Stallions

Placemats:  1set of 4-- Cowboy Boots; Struttin Red (rooster) 3 sets of 4.

It is also a good time to start thinking of a custom design for your organization, store, school, church etc.  Email us artwork!!!

You can contact us at 800-830-8583 or by email at cbjsalesoffice@gmail.com or text us at 610-847-3284.







Questions on any of these products, to place an order--

call 610-847-3284 or 1-800-830-8583 or

fax us at 1-800-830-8583

email our sales office at -- cbjsalesoffice@gmail.com

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